Professional Wood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines, IA: Pros and Cons

Professional Wood Flooring Installation in West Des Moines, IA: Pros and Cons

Installing hardwood floors in a home can increase its value. While it’s possible for a homeowner to do the installation on his own, it isn’t always a good idea. In some cases, the job is a bit too complicated, and there is a relatively large risk the installation could be messed up by a do-it-yourselfer if the person doesn’t have a lot of experience in installing hardwood floors. Taking some factors into consideration can help you decide whether to hire one of the professionals for Wood Flooring Installation in West Des, Moines IA has to offer.

Type of Finish

Hardwood flooring comes either prefinished or site finished. Site finished floors take a lot more time and effort to install, as they need to be sanded and have the finish applied after installation. This type of flooring is best installed by a professional. Prefinished floors are a bit easier to install, although they still may be too difficult for a homeowner to install in some cases.

Layout of Room

It may be best for a professional to install a hardwood floor if the room has a very complicated layout. Rooms that are basically square or rectangular are easier for homeowners to install flooring in on their own.

Type of Installation

There are three main ways to install wood flooring: nail down, glue down and lock and fold. The type of flooring chosen and the type of subfloor in the room will determine which installation method makes the most sense. Lock and fold installation require the homeowner to purchase planks that snap together and simply lie on top of the floor once they’re installed. Glue down flooring is necessary if the subfloor is concrete unless the homeowner installs a new subfloor over the concrete. The adhesive can be quite messy, so it’s often best to use one of the professionals for Wood Flooring Installation West Des Moines IA has to offer. The same is true in the case of nail down wood flooring, which tends to give the best looking finished results.

Budget Considerations

The main benefit of not hiring professionals is the cost savings. However, if the flooring isn’t properly installed and needs to be redone, there won’t be any savings. In fact, the cost of the project may be much higher because some of the flooring may be damaged in the original attempt.

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