Preparing for a Lifetime of Learning: Preschool in Bethesda, MD

Often, preschool is one of the first experiences outside of the home where the child must exhibit a bit of independence. Parents aren’t present, and the child must learn to develop relationships with other adults and children. Preschools shape learners and can encourage growth that they might miss at home.

How Does Preschool Prepare My Child for School?

Finding a preschool in Bethesda, MD can be challenging because preschool experiences are so important to childhood development. Preschool helps to prepare children for the rigors of school because of the structure it provides. Many children are not used to structured environments, so learning about rules, such as sharing and following directions, and following a schedule can prepare your child to enter kindergarten.

In addition to structure, preschool provides an opportunity for children to learn to take care of themselves. They might have jobs or responsibilities in class and can learn about personal accountability and responsibility.

This learning environment encourages growth in language, cognitive skills, motor skills, math skills, and literacy skills. These are encouraged through reading stories, playing games, and collaborating with other students. Children are prepared for their upcoming schooling through a mix of playing and learning.

How Will My Child Grow in Preschool?

If you are considering sending your child to preschool, visit our site. We offer a curriculum to ensure that your child is growing and developing at the proper rate. Preschool benefits more than just your child’s academic growth. This early learning environment also encourages childhood curiosity, which develops through imaginary play. Imaginary play is important for children to understand reality versus fantasy and also in learning about the world around them. It encourages children to play with various social roles and is incredibly important in preschool curriculum.

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