Preparing for a Harsh Custody Battle

It’s not the most unknown or unlikely scenario – nearly half of all first marriages end in tatters, according to the CDC, whereas the New York Times notes that roughly 70 percent of marriages that began in the 1990s have kept strong past the fifteenth year.

When Children are Involved
It’s likely that a number of those marriages aren’t just a bond between two people who loved each other once; they also include the lives and feelings of children, whom more often than not, both parents love as well.

But even when two of the most loving parents split apart, a custody battle is unavoidable. After all, a child cannot live with both the father and the mother when the pair is separated, so arrangements have to be made.

More often than not, women take child care upon themselves more often than men do – but what if you’re a stay-at-home dad, who knows he’s bonded with his children more so than not? Or a Virginia career mother who still spends time with her children, and has a better capacity to care for them in the long run?

Custody battles are cruel and tough – but with the right preparation, you stand a better chance than the average.

What to Do
First, be the best parent you can be. Custody cases are determined based on who takes better care of the child or children in question, and a court must look to “all circumstances bearing on the best interest of the minor child”. Do your best to explain the situation to your children, and communicate with them as much and as often as possible.

Then, hire the right lawyer. Finding custody lawyers in Roanoke, VA isn’t a tough task, but choosing the right one might be a little trickier. Make sure their track record is excellent, ask them for client recommendations, and have a lengthy interview with them to see whether or not you’d like to work with your possible lawyers.

Once you’ve decided, be completely transparent with them. Lawyers know the law and the court inside out – trust them to win the case for you, so long as you don’t hide anything that could surprise them.

Call witnesses to help you. These may be teachers, neighbors, or any other unbiased acquaintances who can testify to the court as proof of your parenting capability. And finally, keep a cool head. Nothing good comes out of flying off the handle when the fight gets dirty, so remain calm and think of your child.

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