Preparation Tips From Long Distance Movers in Wichita KS

Getting ready for a long-distance move can be very stressful, but hiring Long Distance Movers Wichita KS can lessen the burden. However, plenty of things can still go wrong. According to the experts, most mistakes come down to a lack of communication between the customer and the moving crew. Working closely with the movers is an important part of making a move go as smoothly as it can. Below are a few things that movers like their customers to know so the job can be easier.

Pack Boxes Carefully

If the family has a lot of heavy objects and books, they shouldn’t be placed in large boxes. These boxes can be very hard to move, and the bottom may fall out, damaging other belongings.

Don’t Pack Valuables, Money or Prescription Medications

Any medications the family may need should be kept in a box or bag that is kept in someone’s possession during transit. The same applies to other valuables such as jewelry and money. The moving crew will not focus on protecting these items, so it’s best to keep them with the family.

Complete Packing Before the Moving Crew Arrives

If the family elected not to use the moving company’s packaging service, they should have all their belongings packed properly by moving day. If things are left unboxed when the movers get there, it could end up adding to the cost of the move.

Label Everything

When packing an entire household full of belongings, the family should devise a system for labeling boxes, so they know what’s inside. This can help the movers load items in a coordinated way and unload them in the right room in the new home.

Learn About Parking

Long Distance Movers Wichita KS will expect the customer to know the parking regulations at the new home. Therefore, is the customer’s responsibility to find out where the moving van, can park to access the premises. This can mean getting to the house early, or setting aside a parking spot for the moving van so it’s not ticketed or towed.

Whether a family is moving to a nearby state or completely across the country, a long-distance moving crew will make a move go smoothly, particularly if these tips are followed.

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