Possible Origins of Back Pain in Manhattan KS

Possible Origins of Back Pain in Manhattan KS

At one time or another, most people will experience some sort of Back Pain in Manhattan KS. The good news is that getting rid of that pain may not be as difficult as some people think. Depending on the origin of the pain, all that may be required are a few simple treatments. Here are some of the more common reasons why people experience this type of pain.

Heavy Lifting

Doing a great deal of heavy lifting without taking the proper precautions is a sure way to trigger some discomfort. This is true even for people who are used to picking up and moving anything they like. All it takes is one wrong turn of the hips or attempting to lift without using the legs to help balance the weight, and the lower back will be smarting. Assuming that no torn muscles are involved, it is possible to use topical creams, massage, and possibly an adjustment to expedite the healing process.

A Developing Health Issue

There are a number of health conditions that cause inflammation in the back muscles. Various forms of arthritis are good examples. Along with treatments designed to help manage the general stiffness, using methods to help relax those muscles will make it easier to decrease the amount of pain that comes with sitting, standing, or trying to walk.

Being Involved in an Accident

People who have been involved in traffic accidents know that soreness and discomfort are not uncommon in the days after the event. Fortunately, the pain in the upper and lower back can often be alleviated by easing the tension caused by all that jerking and jostling around at the time of impact.

An Old Mattress

Sometimes the reason for the Back Pain in Manhattan KS has nothing to do with lifting, a new health issue, or being in an accident. The cause is the mattress that the patient has slept on for too many years. A new mattress that provides the right level of firmness will support the back properly, and help the pain to become a thing of the past.

Doing so will make it easier to bring the discomfort under control while that new mattress is being delivered, and allow the patient to be pain free in the days to come.

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