Portable LED Work Lights – Finding the Right One

Many professionals like mechanics, industrial maintenance people, construction workers, and machinists, need the most dependable and efficient portable LED work lights they can buy. When your job depends on your lighting, you can’t afford dead batteries, limited light, or a light that lets you down. Here are some helpful tips for finding the best lighting products for your profession.

More Bulbs Are Not Always Better

When you check out lighting products, you’ll see some with as many as 30 LED bulbs or more. However, some of the best lights only have two bulbs that shine with great intensity. It’s important to check out the lumens of light available, as opposed to the amount of bulbs you get. For example, an inexpensive light may have many 4 mm bulbs that deliver around 155 lumens of light. With quality portable LED work lights, you might have two 4 watt bulbs that give you as much as 900 lumens.

Flashlight Convenience

For some jobs, you may want to have a flashlight handy. It gives you a good source of supplemental power when you need it. However, when you choose a high-quality portable light you enjoy the benefits of a “flashlight mode.” This gives you a convenient flashlight that never needs recharging or battery replacement.

Power Tap

When you shop for portable LED work lights, look for ones with power taps. This lets you use your drill, or another power tool by plugging it directly into the light. However, the best power taps are on the cord and not the light handle. This is the safest and most convenient method. For instance, high-quality taps are about a foot down on the power cord, and they have a dust cover. This lessens the chance for electrical shock from moisture and makes the light easier to handle.

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