The Popularity of Stretched Earlobes as a Fashion Statement

The Popularity of Stretched Earlobes as a Fashion Statement

Currently, the popularity of stretched earlobes as a fashion statement is being sought out by both men and women. Ear stretching is another step onwards from the traditional ear piercing that extended into multiple piercings and then piercings of other parts of the body. One aspect of earlobe stretching is it can be carried out in degrees. This means that while one individual has a 4 gauge stretching at around 5mm another person may have a 00 gauge at just over 10 mm. As the gauge number reduces, the size of the hole increases. After 00 gauge sizes increase in mm or inches, hypothetically there is no maximum although most gauge charts show up to 1 inch or even 30 mm.

Is it Safe?

Is ear gauging safe? The answer is yes, if the procedure is done under hygienic conditions and instructions are followed correctly. The safest way is have your stretched earlobes done by a professional piercer, using the proper hygienic tools. However, you can do it on your own if you are well aware of the dangers and understand the procedures to follow.

What Jewelry Can You Use?

When it comes to purchasing your first ear piercing tunnels you want to make certain the material is safe for your earlobe. Therefore, the first pair of your ear piercing tunnels needs to be surgical steel or titanium which can be found online from While browsing through the website you will notice a wide variety of fabulous ear tunnels that is offered at affordable costs. Some of the ear tunnels include antique rose blossoms, rose gold surgical steel double flared, and multicolor surgical steel double flared, star tunnels, and tree of life ear tunnels. Keep in mind to make sure you order the correct size before completing your order.

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