Polypropylene Injection Molding

Polypropylene Injection Molding

Polypropylene Injection Molding is an area in which a custom manufacturing company can help with. Many of the larger manufacturing companies we can offer a full-service injection and insert injection molding process. Sizes can range from a 2-ounce shot size in the smallest 25-ton press up to an 80-ounce shot size in the 500-ton machine.

Polypropylene, also known as PP, is a synthetic resin which has proven exceptionally versatile and useful in a wide range of applications calling for polypropylene injection molding to develop specific shapes. It is also useful in a wide variety of companies including the food industry since polypropylene doesn’t leach into food products. It is also used extensively in recreational vehicles, marine products, and household/consumer goods.

There are a number of reasons polypropylene injection molding is a preferred manufacturing process. First, it is economical and can be used for many different parts due to the range of shot sizes available at Specialty Integrated Services. Next, these products have excellent moisture resistance and impact strength. Polypropylene products are also resistant to most chemicals. Finally, these injection molded pieces can be formed in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the customer’s exact needs.

Another reason polypropylene is preferred is that it can easily be combined into a composite plastic. This allows for a more robust application than with just polypropylene alone.

Most manufacturing companies also offer additional services because of the diverse types of equipment at their polypropylene injection molding facility. Many of them can take the customer’s designs and can use special software and 3D printers to provide a low-cost model to their customers. This allows them to view the aesthetics, fit, and function of the part before a full-scale production item is created. Many of the manufacturers can create anything from one item to a high-volume order.

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