Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon Diminishes Shedding, But Helps Protect the Dog As Well

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Animals

Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon is a whole lot more than taking a brush and smoothing out some hair. Pet grooming is a full-on exterior check-up. A professional groomer sees he skin, the mouth, and the fur of the pet to make sure they are in a healthy condition. They make them look a whole lot healthier along the way.

There are practical benefits to grooming, particularly in the area of shedding. Hair grooming will stimulate glands in the skin that promote hair growth and strength. This will subsequently reduce shedding because of the health and retention of the hair.

Baths with special conditioning shampoo can help as well. Shedding will never be avoided entirely- nor should it be. Shedding is absolutely natural. Shedding is also not an indication of an unhealthy pet on its own. It is combined with many other symptoms. other benefits of grooming include a fresh appearance and better attitude from a healthy (and good-smelling) pup.

How often should an appointment be made? An appointment for Pet Grooming in Mt. Vernon can be done once a month. It is recommended to have an appointment every two weeks during certain seasons where a pet may shed a lot more. But, grooming should be a daily activity. Yes, it can be hard to stick to it every single day. But, it only takes a few minutes. A quick brush down is all that is recommended on a daily basis. Pet owners can then take their pet to a groomer every few weeks for a more thorough review. The combination of quick at-home grooming every day with a detailed groom at a canine club is the most effective strategy.

Schedule an appointment with us at Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc. You can take advantage of all the benefits, from the practical and clean to the medical. A close inspection of a dog or cat during a really good grooming is possibly the greatest benefit. The pet may look better and may smell a little better because they are clean and cared for. But, the pet is also healthy- and that can provide the greatest comfort of all.

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