Pet Boarding in Marysville – the Perfect Solution When Fido Has to Stay Home

Pet Boarding in Marysville – the Perfect Solution When Fido Has to Stay Home

When you are a pet owner sometimes it just can’t be avoided -; you must board your pets. Whether it is for vacation or emergency reasons, arrangements have to be made to watch and care for your dog or cat. Not everyone has a friend or family member that can watch or keep their pets and fortunately, there is Pet Boarding in Marysville to the rescue.

While you are away from home, pet boarding offers excellent care for your dog or cat. Just as you would do before hiring any other service ask about the kennel and schedule a tour. Ask your veterinarian and other friends with pets who they recommend. In fact, your own veterinarian may offer per boarding services, and you couldn’t ask for a better place for your pet to be if it should become ill.

The main benefit of pet boarding in Marysville area is that the pet owner has peace if mind knowing that their cat or dog is well taken care of. Boarding kennels offer excellent care for the pets left to their care. When you board your pet you can relax knowing that they are not alone. In addition to being fed and exercised, some boarding kennels will offer extra play sessions (with or without other dogs), or extra walks, for an additional cost.

Most boarding kennels will do everything they can to accommodate your pet’s dietary needs. Some owners feed their pets a raw diet or a prepared kibble. The owner has to supply the food along with written directions and the knowledgeable staff will do the rest. It is also important to note how many meals your pet is fed per day as well.

Pet boarding also accommodate your pets needs as far as medications are concerned. As with the food, prepare written instructions as to how the medication is given, how much and how often. In the case of an emergency, boarding kennels always have a veterinarian that they work with, and if at all possible, will contact the owner prior to any treatment.

Many boarding facilities have in-house groomers as well. You can arrange for your pet to be bathed, groomed, nails clipped, and teeth brushed just before the scheduled pick up. Others may offer training services and live video feeds. Overall, the cost is reasonable for the peace of mind it offers pet owners knowing their beloved pet is safe and sound.

For more information, Contact Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc.

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