Peroxide Test Strips: Detecting And Controlling The Residual Peroxide

Peroxide is a common disinfectant employed in various ways in the food and laundry industries. It is favored because of its antifungal and bactericidal properties. However, before, during and after executing its disinfecting actions, the levels of peroxide need be within a certain level. A basic and easy test is available to ensure this goal is met. This involves the use of peroxide test strips.

Common Industrial Applications of Peroxide

As an all-purpose disinfectant, peroxide plays a significant role in reducing and removing bacteria and fungal growth from equipment and in such products as water and, in some countries (although not the United State) milk. The American food industry as well as commercial laundries, hospital laundries and spas employ peroxide as a cleaning agent. The range of peroxide concentration for such industries is often restricted. Peroxide test strips ensure the levels of this chemical substance remain at the desired amount.

Besides the food and laundry industries, peroxide finds its use in the cleaning up of various waste material. This includes:

  • Industrial effluents
  • Domestic waste water
  • Aseptic packaging – This type of packaging is in demand by the food, beverage, electronic and medical instrument manufacturers

A Method of Testing for Residual Peroxide

The presence of peroxide can be noted easily. The tester requires a simple indicator paper and a reader. A fast dip of the test strip into the water or other fluid or effluent will provide the basic material, including the range of peroxide levels and sensitivity. This can be anywhere between 0 and 50 parts per million (ppm).

Using Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips

Hydrogen peroxide is a commonly available disinfectant. It is affordable and readily available. Its use in food, beverage and other industries is an accepted practice. The regulation of the amounts of peroxide for industrial processes is also controlled. To prevent inappropriate levels, companies turn to a simple, cost-effective tool – peroxide test strips.

Peroxide Test Strips

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