Options Available Through A Massage Therapist In Maple Valley, WA

In Washington, chiropractors utilize the services of massage therapists to treat their patients. Massage therapy is added to care plans to address pain and discomfort more proactively. The treatments address a multitude of conditions for which patients need longer lasting pain management. A local Massage Therapist in Maple Valley WA provides several different types of massage therapies to treat the conditions.

Deep Tissue Massage

The therapist performs the deep tissue massage by performing slower strokes. The massage option is far more forceful than traditional massage options. It is used to treat deeper muscle-related conditions. It also provides assistance for patients who are facing issues with connective tissue. It is used most often for muscle-related injuries.

Swedish Massage Therapy

The Swedish massage therapy selection is more of a gentle massage than deep tissue options. The therapist uses longer strokes and kneads the muscles. They also use circular motions and tap on the skin and muscles. The techniques are used to help patients relax more effectively and eliminate stress.

Trigger Point Massage Techniques

The trigger point massage techniques are used when the patients have tighter muscles fibers. The therapist engages pressure points that cause the muscles to relax and loosen up. The trigger points can also help to increase the production of feel-good hormones that lower the frequency of pain and discomfort. With regular massage therapy, the patient’s body continues to produce a higher level of feel-good hormones and reduces pain and discomfort for longer durations.

Sports Injury Massage Therapy

The sports injury massage therapy uses techniques that are almost the same as a Swedish massage. However, the techniques are used to address sports-related injuries. The therapist determines which muscle groups must be addressed to treat the patient most effectively. The treatments are continued until the patient recovers from their injuries.

In Washington, chiropractors follow a holistic approach to medicine and provide all-natural treatments for patients. Massage therapy is a popular selection that is included in most care plans for the patients. It is provided according to the condition that is causing pain and discomfort. Patients who need to review their options are encouraged to contact a Massage Therapist in Maple Valley WA right now.

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