Oil Changes and Truck Service in Ocala

Years ago, choosing the right oil for a truck was simple. All a driver needed to know was the required viscosity-;10W-30, for instance-;and they could simply pick up a bottle or two at the parts store. However, choices are getting more complex. GM’s transition to new oil specs for 2011 and later trucks is calling increased attention to the issue of oil specifications. Failure to use the recommended oil can void a truck’s warranty, and the new specs can create repair issues for consumers.

Oil is Changing

Oil inside a truck’s engine may look the same as it did years ago, but it’s significantly more advanced. Various ruling bodies have set standards for over 60 years, and they make changes periodically. Oil must change to meet shifting emissions regulations, and it must protect against sludge while improving fuel mileage. As hardware improves, oil specs must adapt. A modern engine’s tolerances are tighter than ever, and oil must keep important parts clean.

Proprietary Blends

The ILSAC and API standards are a baseline, and truck manufacturers are able to improve upon such standards as long as minimum requirements are met. For instance, a turbocharged truck may require synthetic rather than conventional oil. Automakers can license oil certifications to oil manufacturers who can opt to offer their own versions, and dealers are likely to fill bulk tanks with the new oil in order to consolidate inventory.

Impact on Consumers

Original equipment manufacturers want protection, and drivers want longevity. It’s available, but at a cost. As oil specs are standardized, truck makers are moving toward synthetic blends. These oils offer longevity and protection, but they are more expensive. Some of the cost may be offset by free repair programs from automakers, but drivers can see a huge sticker shock when they finally have to pay full price for Truck Service in Ocala.

A truck owner should ensure that any oil they use is comparable to the oil specified by the manufacturer. Many oil makers, such as Valvoline, are confident enough that they offer a warranty on engine damage caused by their products. However, as long as a driver follows the manufacturer’s recommendations on Truck Service in Ocala, their truck will run well for a long time.

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