New Windows Make A Dramatic Difference In Your Home

New Windows Make A Dramatic Difference In Your Home

New windows can make a dramatic difference to any home; they improve the properties appearance and save a considerable amount of money that is spent on heating and cooling.

In the past, even when they were first installed, old single pane wooden windows were not very efficient. Modern windows in Oak Lawn are just the opposite; they cut the infiltration of air almost to zero and when coupled with modern thermo pane glass can easily reduce the heating and cooling bill by 30 to 40 percent.

Material choices:

Modern window frames are available in a number of different materials including hard and soft wood, aluminum, vinyl as well as fiberglass.

Of all the options, vinyl is the most cost effective; they can easily cost less than half of what a comparable wooden window would cost. Just because vinyl windows in Oak Lawn are affordable, don’t think for a moment that they are not practical. The construction is such that the material has open chambers that make them extremely energy efficient. Air, which actually is an excellent insulator, is trapped in the honeycomb; this is a feature that no other material possesses. Unlike wood, they never need scraping, sanding and painting.


Perhaps it was as little as 20 years ago when the de-facto standard was single glazing. Single glazing results in serious heat loss, in an average size American home located in a cold climate the annual savings in energy by replacing single glass panes with double glazing can be as much as $500.

The savings come from low-E coatings on the glass as well as an inert gas between the two panes. When shopping for windows in Oak Lawn look for those that carry the Energy Star Label. This program targets requirement for different climates, you can be assured that the windows are ideally suited for where you are located in the country.

With modern frame materials and glazing any window style today will add to the beauty and value of your home and save you considerable money year in and year out.

If you are looking for new windows in Oak Lawn you will be very happy with the selection and service that you get when you contact Supreme Windows & Exteriors.

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