New Floor Plan

New Floor Plan

If your home’s kitchen is old-fashioned, then it is time to update it with a new floor plan, cabinets and appliances. With Chicago IL kitchen remodeling, you can create a unique space that is customized and more functional for your family and lifestyle.

Install Light Fixtures

When your kitchen has poor lighting, the Chicago IL kitchen remodeling designers can often add more windows to the room, or it is possible to attach additional light fixtures to the ceiling or the walls. The technicians can also install light fixtures underneath the cabinets so that you can see better while chopping vegetables or mixing baked goods. If you have extra needs for your kitchen such as having additional space for special glassware or cooking utensils, then you can have these items installed.

Contact Us to Have Your Kitchen Updated

To prevent problems in your kitchen, you can have Chicago IL kitchen remodeling technicians use slip-resistant tiles on the floor. In addition, you can protect the drywall in your kitchen by having backsplashes over the countertops. You can save money with a new modern kitchen by finding the best energy-efficient appliances. When you are planning to update your kitchen, it will require four to six weeks to complete the job. To talk to a contractor about updating your kitchen, contact MK Construction & Builders Inc. at our website located at

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