The Need for Upgrading Commercial Panels in Oahu

The Need for Upgrading Commercial Panels in Oahu

As a result of rapid developments in modern technology, plenty of businesses continues to operate with inadequate electrical wiring based on the quantity as well as power requirements of their equipment. Sadly, when buildings are subjected to renovations, instead of adding new Commercial Panels in Oahu, the current electrical panel remains untouched. Ideally, upgrades should be done to these panels.

Commercial Panel Definition

Basically, a commercial panel provides electrical power to an organization’s equipment. Electricity generated by the utility company enters a building through a commercial panel, fragmenting into key electrical branches and then little subdivisions in order to transfer power. Thus, a well functioning panel is important to the safety and efficiency of any business.

Typically, commercial panels are fitted in a hinged frame to offer access to the electrical wiring behind. What’s more, labeling of the panel is very important. This is done by sending the fixed panel to an engraver, resulting in the addition of custom-engraved panels on the face of the commercial panel along with the circuit breakers and switches. For laser type engraving, Contact Rubber Stamp One Day Service Inc.

Get Rid of Old, Unlabelled Panels

Old panels are a source of many problems. Business owners may experience crackling noises stemming from the panel, flickering lights, melted electrical wires, blown out fuses or tripped breakers, faulty circuit breakers that result in fires, overheating and shocks as well as the need to switch off one appliance in order to use another.

Organizations employ a host of electronic equipment, which often needs dedicated circuits or specialty outlets for secure, efficient operation. Shopping for a new commercial panel guarantees this seamless operation, in addition to safety code observance.

Work with a Certified Professional

Installing and maintaining new Commercial Panels in Oahu should only be done by a certified professional to guarantee:

* A correctly-sized panel suitable for your needs
* Successful application and attainment of local planning permits
* Proper wiring to existing local and federal codes
* Existing wires meet present codes
* Understanding of the new system, together with a diagram depicting the new panel, wiring and all switches and functions.

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