Do You Need Drum Liners?

Do You Need Drum Liners?

If you store food, liquids or other substances in large, plastic or metal drums, you may have seen drum liners for sale from your supplier. Thin, plastic liners made to fit inside your storage drums, these liners can be very useful – but do you need them? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of these little helpers, and see if they’re right for your storage needs.

Easy Cleanup

Storage drum liners make cleanup much easier. Since food, liquid and other material doesn’t directly come into contact with the walls of the drum, the liner can simply be removed and thrown away. While very little further cleanup is needed from there, it is always a good idea to sanitize a used drum before putting it to work again, just to ensure that there are no lingering bacteria.

Fortifying Steel

It may seem strange to speak of fortifying something as strong as steel, but one of the disadvantages of choosing a drum made from a material like carbon steel is that the metal is somewhat porous. Though a less expensive option that stainless steel, carbon steel may react chemically with some substances too, making a drum made from this material inappropriate for some storage tasks.

This is where drum liners become handy. With a simple plastic lining, your carbon steel drum is now nearly as strong and resistant as its stainless steel counterparts, and at a fraction of the cost!

Additional Security

Perhaps the paint, powder, food, ink or other substance you’re storing is a magnet for pests. In some areas, rats, insects and other vermin can pry their way into poorly-sealed drums with relative ease, almost negating the use of the drum in the first place. Although proper storage and sealing should always be a top priority, using a drum liner – like the ones available from NatPak – that is compatible with your drum and creates a secondary seal can keep your products that much safer. Isn’t it worth the extra peace of mind?

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