Need a Pest Management Service in Lakewood WA?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Pest Control

With how much trouble pests can cause, it’s good to have a Pest Management Service in Lakewood WA to rely on. Here are some of the ways pest control experts help to protect the family, pets, and property values.


Everyone wants to keep their family safe, and eliminating pests on the property is one way to do that. Stinging insects are a common cause of the trouble. These include bees and wasps, which often nest in areas of the yard that children might run into them while playing. Some common nesting sites include trees, where a child might climb, and holes in the ground, near where a child might step. Bed bugs are another troublesome pest. Once they get into a home, they will bite people who are sleeping. And cockroaches can spread germs as they crawl around a house, especially in the kitchen.


Removing pests also protect pets. If fleas take up residence in a yard, they will seek to get on any pets who get near them, such as dogs and cats. Fleas bite and will make the pets uncomfortable, and these tiny insects may also ride on dogs and cats into the home. Ants can cause problems for people, and they sometimes make trouble for pets as well. Dogs and cats that are kept outdoors are often fed there, and if the ants discover the food bowls, they may come in great numbers to steal some of the food. Pets will be bothered by this intrusion into their meals.

Property Values

Managing pests will also keep the property safe. Termites are one of the most notorious pests due to how much damage they can cause to a home. If they get the chance to chew through much wood, they will drive the value of the property down and force a homeowner to have to pay for repairs. But if termites are caught early and stopped, all this trouble can be prevented. Mice and rats can also be a source of damage. They may get into attics and shred insulation, or make an even bigger hassle by gnawing through wires.

All of these pests can be stopped, so when a Pest Management Service in Lakewood WA is needed, don’t wait. Turn to All Seasons Pest Control for professional assistance.

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