Myths About Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Most companies that market medical devices do not produce all of the components of the device. Instead, they contract with specialized services to complete some or all of the work in moving the project from concept and design through to prototype and production.

There are some common myths that circulate about medical device contract manufacturing. Understanding these myths can help companies to see the advantages of this option over trying to complete the work in-house.

Myth: Specialization Doesn’t Matter

The companies that are involved in medical device contract manufacturing should have their own specialization. Different medical devices may need one or more of the contracting companies depending on the specifics of the design.

For example, a new type of rod used in back surgery will need to be manufactured by a CNC machining service company that is certified to work on medical devices. A pacemaker or implanted insulin pump will need additional services over and above the actual manufacturing of the component. There will be electronics experts and software experts involved in all through the process from concept to marketing.

Myth: Outsourcing Creates Risk

It is important to realize that reputable companies working as medical device contract manufacturing will be willing and able to sign agreements that keep their work secret. This will eliminate any concern about a competitor finding out about the prototype development or the production method, even if the manufacturing company is working for other medical device manufacturers.

Myth: Costs Skyrocket with Contractors

The best companies that offer medical device manufacturing will be able to provide full information about the cost and the timeline for the project. Not only can this be negotiated to work with your budget, but it may allow for decreased cost of production.

Lower cost methods, more efficient processing options and even a better choice in materials are all possible when working with specialized contractors.

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