Minor Heating System Repairs in Binghamton NY to Prepare for Winter

Minor Heating System Repairs in Binghamton NY to Prepare for Winter

The winter months in New York can be frigid. This is why families rely on their heating system to keep their homes comfortable. However, if the heating equipment isn’t ready for the season, it could lead to unexpected breakdowns as well as higher energy costs. The experts in Heating System Repairs in Binghamton NY offer some tips to get the system ready for winter.

Change Air Filters

The air filter will catch dirt, dust and pet dander then become clogged. When the filter is dirty the system has to work harder to heat the entire home. This will cause the heat to have to run longer to produce the same result, this also leads a larger utility bill at the end of the month. Those that have an electrostatic device can wash it and place it back inside, others will want to replace their old air filter with a new one. This will not only help the system run properly, it will also improve the air quality inside the home, allowing the family to breathe easier.

Test the Thermostat

Before the cold weather gets here, make a point to switch the thermostat from cooling to heating. Once this has been done, listen for the furnace to kick on. This is a great way to determine if the equipment is running properly after being off for several months. If it doesn’t start after a reasonable amount of time, make sure the wire connections are secure. These can be tightened pretty easily. Those that are comfortable with this can give it a try, and if that still doesn’t work contact a professional at Heating System Repairs in Binghamton NY for assistance.

Lubricate Mechanical Components

The blower motor and bearings of a furnace need to be lubricated occasionally. When the mechanical components of a furnace aren’t lubricated, it can cause unnecessary stress on a system. Also, clean the caps that cover the bearings. This will also help to improve the performance of the heating equipment.

Whether the system needs servicing or something more extensive, the team at Fancher Appliance Inc. is ready to help. They have the resources and experience to get to the root of the problem. To schedule a furnace repair appointment or to get additional information call today. Visit the website fancherappliance.com. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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