Mini-Implants – The Pros and Cons

Loose dentures have been a constant problem for many of the millions of denture wearers. Eating and speaking normally is difficult and can be embarrassing. Mini-implants, or miniature implants, have been a successful solution to this problem for many denture wearers. The mini-implants are placed into the jawbone, securely and comfortably anchoring the base of dentures, offering a tremendous boost to self-confidence.

Of course, as with every procedure, there are pros and cons. Everyone’s situation is unique.


1. Mini-implants can be placed in one visit, lasting about one hour. Months of treatment are not necessary.
2. Because this is a much less invasive procedure than standard implants, the healing time is significantly shorter. There are no stitches as the gum is not cut. Over-the-counter pain medication is normally all that is required. Many patients do not need even that.
3. Costly bone grafts are not normally necessary.
4. There are seldom any complications or failures of mini-implants. Dentists experienced in this procedure have refined their techniques over a number of years.
5. Most patients are able to eat the same day that the mini-implants procedure is done.
6. Because the mini-implants are fixed into the jawbone, the attached denture is stable.
7. The mini-implant procedure is affordable.
8. Even people who are not candidates for conventional implants can achieve excellent results from mini-implants. The amount of bone thickness needed for mini-implants is much less than for large implants.
9. Since this procedure is short, even the very elderly are able to benefit.
10. Mini-implants are comfortable, functioning and feeling like natural teeth.


1. Anyone who habitually grinds their teeth might not be considered a good candidate for mini-implants. The constant grinding would wear the implants down.
2. If someone has substantial bone loss or inadequate vertical bone in their jaw, that would prevent the use of mini-implants. A minimum bone thickness is required in order to support the implants.

Dr. Antoine Wakim, DDS has been changing smiles and lives for 30 years. His practice focuses on preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Wakim has considerable experience with the advanced techniques and procedures involved with the successful implantation of mini-implants. The entire team are dedicated to making the dental visit comfortable for each patient. Dr. Wakim is a past President of the Wichita District Dental Society and belongs to a number of professional and volunteer associations. Anyone considering Dental Implants in Wichita KS should schedule a visit to learn about the possibilities.

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