There are many hand dryers, which should you buy?

There are many hand dryers, which should you buy?

There are numerous hand dryers available, all with different specs and different prices. Facilities managers and others that are responsible for building management and maintenance can easily become confused when the job is to buy a hand dryer.

Every hand dryer seems to claim the same features; the fastest, the most hygienic, the most efficient, etc. There are high quality hand dryers produced in the US and imported units available off the internet.

There are a few points to consider when you need to buy a hand dryer.

  • Usage: Unless you have a full time, on-site electrician, if the hand dryer in your facility fails you are looking at an expensive call out; not only that, people that want to dry their hands will not be very happy that they are inconvenienced. If you think your facilities will be used 200 times every day, don’t buy a cheap hand dryer. For peace of mind, buy intelligently and ensure that the unit you buy is warranted.

      If you estimate that your facilities are not going to be used all that much, you can comfortably get away with a less costly unit.

  • Vandalism: Vandalism is a major headache in public facilities such as bars, nightclubs and even schools. If the dryer is destined to be installed in a “risky” environment, you definitely want to buy one that is classified as “no touch.” You will never stop a vandal that has his mind made up to destroy your property but you can go a long way when it doesn’t require any hands-on to operate.
  • Hygiene: If you buy a hand dryer for a clinical environment it must be hygienic. Look for a dryer that is complete with a HEPA filter to reduce air borne contaminates and ensure the unit has a water collection reservoir to reduce the need for constant floor maintenance.

When you buy a hand dryer pay particular attention to the claims, there are manufacturers that make claims which are impossible. If in doubt, have the supplier prove the claims to be realistic.

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