Managing Stress as a College Student

Managing Stress as a College Student

With the pressure of papers, passing, and parents, the stress of being in college can be a particular barrier to success for many students. As a result, depression and anxiety are all too prevalent in young adults as they struggle to cope with the responsibility of living on their own. From intra- to interpersonal relationships, self-care is crucial to the health and wellness of this population; to this end, the following are fundamental to well-being:

  • Diet and Exercise. Unlike fad diets and flash fasts, a consistent and comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan are integral to overall health. Watch what and when you eat, making sure to fuel both your brain and body proportionally with your school and sports schedules. Mental and physical health are directly affected by diet and exercise, and a well-rounded balance of both will improve success both on paper and in person.
  • Seek counseling. There is no shame in asking for help! Whether you attend support services at your college or prefer the anonymity of an outside specialist, the confidential and compassionate care of a mental health professional can have a vast impact on your health.
  • Give yourself a break. Too much or too little of anything can be detrimental to your health, and the stress of college is a perfect opportunity to practice moderation. Take a drive, get a pedicure, read a book, or find a hobby – anything to break the mundane routine of collegiate responsibility. Spend time both with friends and to yourself, making sure to gauge your own emotional cues to find a balance between social and personal time. Engage in activities that foster growth and spark joy – and that don’t lead to a hangover the next morning.

College students interested in learning how THE MAX Challenge Of Louisville can benefit their health are encouraged to stop in to their local fitness center and chat with a representative. Remember, everyone’s needs are unique; at THE MAX Challenge Of Louisville, we value your individuality and customize a plan specifically to each client.

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