Managers Keep Those Elevators Moving

Owning or managing a building takes a lot of work, planning, and organization. Supervising a staff, making sure the utilities are paid, and keeping everything in working order can be demanding. The building needs to be full of tenants, businesses, doctors, or offices, and they all have to be satisfied. Insurances, finances, and records have to be accurate and current. There are so many things to do; it is easy to lose track of what has been done and what needs to be done. Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC, at least, is quick and easy.

No one thinks about the elevator until is stops working. Then it becomes a major hassle. People are stranded on different floors, high traffic buildings don’t have wide enough staircases to accommodate all the professionals who have to get to their offices, and there many even be people trapped in stalled elevator cabs. A plan for Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC means all those issues can be avoided. Inspections and routine maintenance will be completed at specific intervals for doors, cabs, motors, hydraulics, and shafts. The elevators will operate at maximum potential and the management will be alerted to any minor repairs that need to be done. Catching problems early saves time and money on repairs and down time. Maintenance and repairs can be scheduled around the needs of the building.

In addition to routine maintenance, it is important to report any changes or suspicions of issues to the company immediately. Odors, an increase in energy use, slow response times, or hesitations in door openings can indicate a problem. Contact Elevator Technologies Inc. to get that particular elevator looked at so the issue can be diagnosed and fixed quickly. In most cases, only one or two elevators have to be shut down to fix something. It is rare an entire system breaks when routine maintenance is occurring. Emergency 24/7 services are available should they be needed. Getting a maintenance plan for the elevators in a building is a wise choice. It is one less thing the manager or owner has to worry about, and it will avoid the potential hassles of a breakdown.

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