Make the Most Used Room in the Home Even More Welcoming with a Tin Backsplash in Brooklyn NY

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

As the busiest room in most homes, the kitchen is a place for more than just meals. Couples relax over their morning coffee for those few fleeting moments before time to leave for work. Children and teens descend upon the kitchen for their after-school snack. During that brief time, they may even divulge a few details of their day to mom or dad. Aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents pile in to catch up on their lives during family gatherings, too.

Of course, cooking also takes place in the kitchen. Regardless of the skills of the chefs involved or the level of technology behind their appliances, creating meals takes its toll on paint and wallpaper. Cooking oil splatters, and pots boil over, spraying anything behind the stove with a fine greasy or starchy mist. Even the most durable wall covering begins to look spotted, stained and blistered over time unless the homeowner chooses a material designed to withstand this type of wear and tear.

This is where tin comes into the picture. Though interior designers once deemed this material outdated, it is making a strong comeback. A Tin Backsplash in Brooklyn NY offers extra protection not found with other traditional design elements. It can easily withstand the heat of both gas and electric ranges, even with multiple daily use. The tiles still receive the brunt of splashes and sprays, but unlike paint and wallpaper, tin can be wiped clean with a simple solution of dish soap and warm water.

As far as decor, tin can be incorporated smoothly into any kitchen design theme whether it be modern with clean-cut lines or rustic with a bit of unpolished country charm. Tin tiles can be installed in their most basic, flat form, or they can be embossed with ornate designs based on the desires of the homeowner. The colors available from Abingdon Construction Brooklyn NY are almost as plentiful as the patterns able to be implemented, making tin tiles a versatile option for kitchen design.

Tin backsplashes require little maintenance aside from the previously mentioned soap and water cleanings. They tend to be durable enough to last as long as the home itself. They are also an effective safeguard against the occasional out of control flame stemming from a cooking project gone awry. Tin tiles add safety, longevity and beauty to any kitchen, making the room where so much togetherness and bonding occur all the more welcoming. To know more, visit


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