Make Sure Your Boiler in Westchester County NY is Ready to Heat Your Home

With winter rapidly approaching it is time to think about your heating equipment. For some people this is the typical open air or forced air furnace, but for many people living in the Westchester County area this means a boiler based heating system. A Boiler in Westchester County NY works by either heating water in a series of pipes located in an air exchange or by super-heating water into steam that is then forced into radiators. Another possible use is under floor radiant heat, but this can require a lot of piping which may be difficult to manage. Click here for more information.

The most important point when Owning a Boiler in Westchester County NY is routine inspections. The technician needs to check the boiler for signs of leaks, corrosion and problems with the fuel supply. Modern, sealed boilers use a glycol/water mixture to avoid loss of the liquid media through excessive heating. This can present a problem if there are leaks in the pipes because glycol will burn when exposed to the right amount of heat. This is one reason it is important to have the plumber or technician look for leaks. When the media drips and the water evaporates away it leaves a concentrated glycol which could present problems.

If your home is heated via radiators then you will probably notice any problems right away. Steam systems are under a lot of pressure and tend to whistle when they leak. Plus, the extra moisture can damage the surrounding wood or other materials pretty quickly. Steam boilers aren’t as common as they once were, but they can still be found in some historic homes and buildings. Modern options make the use of steam based heat obsolete, but some folks prefer the radiant method.

Using a Boiler in Westchester County NY to heat your home is an excellent choice because modern boiler systems have a high efficiency rating. Plus, manufacturers are selling a multiple function boiler that provides heat for the home and supplies heated water as well. This dual purpose boiler system could actually save you more on your energy bill provided you find one that fits your environment. If you have a boiler in your home or are considering having one installed be sure to contact

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