How to Make Sure You Are Prepared For an OSHA Inspection

OSHA inspections have been on the rise lately. This is not a bad thing since it is for the safety of workers, but it can be annoying when you have to drop everything for an inspection. Being ready for an inspection is key to passing it. You cannot fix a problem that you do not know exists. So, what are a few ways you can prepare for your next OSHA inspection?

Hire an Inspector

It may seem counter-intuitive to hire someone to come perform a safety inspection, but this can be the best and easiest way to find out about any violations you have. You should hire a safety director to come perform the inspection and let you know of any violations. Once you have your list of violations, you know what must be addressed and can correct the issues before your real inspection.

A safety director will know the current codes and will be able to perform the same level of inspection that an OSHA inspector would, but you will not be penalized. Even if you are not expecting an inspection anytime soon, then it can still be a good idea to hire an inspector to keep your employees safe.

Correct The Obvious Issues

This one may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many managers will ignore obvious violations simply because they do not want to have to deal with it. By doing this, you are potentially creating an unsafe work environment. Take the time and make sure that you are correcting any violations that you find.

Passing an OSHA inspection should be expected, not a goal. By being prepared for an inspection at any point, you are doing the best to ensure that you employees are safe while they are at work. While it is not always possible to identify and correct every possible infraction, if you simply treat each day like an inspection then your workplace will be a much safer place for it.

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