What To Look For in Storage Facilities in Baltimore

There may be times when a homeowner or a business owner needs to find a facility to store some belongings. This may include anything ranging from prized possession to a large piece of furniture. This short guide will help those who may be looking to find storage facilities in Baltimore.

Look for a Facility That Has Consistent Office Hours

Customers should look for a storage facility that will have a staff member there during much of the week. Ideally, they should find a facility that has a staff member on site six days a week. Having someone on site can help in the event of a problem or an emergency.

Seek a Facility That Is Safe and Secure

Those seeking storage facilities in Baltimore should insist on asking what types of security measures are in use. The more reputable facilities will have sophisticated surveillance systems in use, as well as electronically controlled gates. Customers can also feel more secure if the property is enclosed by a fence.

Find the Right Sized Storage Unit

There are many different sizes one can choose from when searching for a facility. They can range anywhere from 4′ by 4′ and go all the way up to 39′ by 28′. A typical 5′ by 5′ unit could store items from a small room and offers 25 feet of square footage. With an 8′ ceiling, this allows for 200 cubic feet of storage space. Some facilities will even have container units available, or climate-controlled units. Rates should vary anywhere from $35 per month for smaller units and can be as low as $382 for a 24′ by 24′ unit.

Deal With a Local Leader in Storage

For over 30 years, customers in Baltimore have trusted S&E Mini Storage for their needs. This includes not only residential customers but commercial accounts as well. Click here for more information on their reliable storage insurance options, or to learn about the 70 different sizes available for rent. Knowledgeable staff will assist customers in finding the right sized unit, and customers can also learn about getting the third month free on any three-month rental agreement.

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