Look Into Dental Practices For Sale in Arizona

by | May 16, 2016 | Dentist

Dentists who are ready to start their own practices should really look into dental practices for sale in Arizona before considering building a new office. There are too many advantages to taking over an established dental office to dismiss the idea completely. The biggest advantage is a financial one. Buying a practice is less expensive than building one in a few ways. First, the initial cost is usually less. Having support staff in place will also save money. The dentist does not have to advertise for a hygienist, a receptionist, an assistant, or other support staff. Most will remain with the practice.

Dentists can save a lot of money in interest payments as well because there is one monthly payment that includes the space, the equipment, technology, and furniture. Building a practice from scratch requires a loan for the land, and construction, which will have an interest rate. Another loan will be needed to purchase the dental equipment, machinery, and bay furniture. That will include another interest rate. The same is true for the computers, phone systems, and waiting room furniture. The dentist now has three monthly loan payments that all include an interest rate. Add that up over the life of each loan, and that is a huge amount of money.

The second advantage of checking out dental practices for sale in Arizona is time savings. The practice is up and running so is no potential for design or construction delays. Interviewing, hiring, and training staff is not an issue, and the dentist does not have to take the time to build a brand new patient base. Most patients stay with a practice after it has been sold. Some people will find another dentist, but the majority will not. The location is convenient for work, home, or school, which is the main reason patients select a dentist office. People, in general, do not like change so they will not want to have to get used to a new dentist and go to a new office.

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