Locating Replacement Brake Parts For Semis And Dump Trucks

Finding affordable, quality Brake Parts for heavy-duty trucks and semis can sometimes seem like a daunting task. While owners can always purchase parts from the dealer, this usually tends to be the least cost-effective choice. Finding an experienced parts technician who is skilled in specialty truck equipment can make the purchasing process an enjoyable event. Unlike buying from the dealer, a local company can often offer discounts due to established business relationships with many top-brand manufacturers.

Brake Maintenance Is Essential for Trucks

While properly functioning brakes are imperative to any vehicle, they are especially critical for dump trucks and trailers. Long distance truckers need to routinely have their brakes checked for possible damage. Many semi accidents are the result of brake failure and are a common cause of serious injuries and potential lawsuits.

Though the majority of owner-operators have their brake pads changed frequently, it’s also important to keep the pins, bushings, and springs in good working condition. Most truck brake shoes have a built-in indicator that lets the driver know when they need to be replaced.

In addition to replacing parts, the S cams and slack adjusters need to be checked occasionally. Both require sufficient greasing in order to function properly. This is extremely important for the slack adjusters which are exposed to dirt, water, and debris.

Routine brake care is an unavoidable cost of owning or operating a truck. While brake service times can vary depending on the driver and individual vehicle, it doesn’t hurt to have the brakes inspected every time an oil change is performed. This will catch potential problems before they become a major issue and result in excessive repairs or accidents related to faulty brakes.

To purchase vehicle parts or schedule repair service, contact Truck Parts & Equipment Inc. Their friendly staff can assist you with finding the proper air or hydraulic brakes for your truck. Their company offers quality Brake Parts and other truck components from many top brands including Alex, Bendix, Euclid, and Haldex. With more than 80 years experience in the trucking industry, they have the knowledge to repair or recommend parts for most commercial trucks.

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