Learn The Ropes With Truck Driving Training In Illinois

Commercial trucking accident statistics are alarming. Recent figures show over a thousand people are injured each year. Further, someone dies in almost every accident. Properly training driver is the best way to make the roads safer. And, every driver should attend a truck driving training school. However, most do not. They are self- taught or trained by a company. Most over-the-road CDL classes are 160-hours of valuable training.

Truck Driving Training in Illinois offers instruction seven days a week. Students can attend school on the weekend or on weekdays. Therefore, if they are working, school is still convenient. In addition, some driving schools are located in working trucking terminals. This is an invaluable learning experience for prospective drivers. Most students want a Class A or B CDL license. Class A is a permit for driving tractor/trailer combo vehicles. On the other hand, Class B allows the driver to operate a straight truck. At Star Truck Driving School, students learn in and out of the classroom. The school’s requirements are a permit, D.O.T. physical and a copy of your driving record. Students must take a drug test and are subject to ongoing random testing.

Prospective Drivers must be healthy for Truck Driving Training in Illinois. Indeed, the D.O.T. physical is very thorough. For instance, students cannot have diabetes that requires insulin. Further, there should be no history of heart problems. Students are accepted with hypertension but it must be controlled. In essence, students cannot have any condition that prevents them from operating the truck safely. And, operating the truck includes more than driving. Commercial drivers are required to load their trucks. And, they must secure the loads. Frequently, drivers have to climb atop the truck to strap loads down. Drivers have to be agile and strong. The curriculum is geared towards producing safe drivers. In fact, drivers learn how to make sure the rig is safe. Instruction includes learning to instruct the brakes, engine, and tires. Maneuvers learned include straight line backing, blind side parallels, and alley docking. It takes a lot of hard work to be a successful trucker. Attend driving school and make sure you are a safe trucker.

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