Learn About Your Roofing System Before You Hire a Roofer in Wichita KS

When hiring a Roofer in Wichita KS, there is always the possibility of hiring with one that is unethical. To lessen the chances of this occurring, learn about your roofing system before a potential roofer performs an assessment of it. You will understand an explanation a roofer gives when you educate yourself on the basic components of a roofing system.

A basic roofing system is comprised of layers of roofing materials pressed together to form a barrier of protection for the interior of the home. The outermost layer contains the shingles. Other materials used on the top portion of a roofing system such as wood shakes, clay tiles, slate roofing, or concrete tile. Under this section lies the underlayment. This layer is installed into the decking. Felt material is commonly utilized to satisfy the requirements of underlayment’s functionality. Finally, the sheathing or wood decking is the bottom portion of the roofing system. It’s attached to rafters in the attic with nails. OSB (oriented strand board), plywood, and metal are common decking materials.

The durability, materials, and construction of a roof determine its design. Roofing materials range from various woods to metals. The support a roof has determines its construction. Some roofs are pitched. This is a ratio of the rise over the run. This figure determines the slope of a roof. A roof’s durability lies in its sturdiness and integrity.

To better learn about your roofing system, it’s advisable to perform regular maintenance. Do this during a time of day when there is plenty of sunlight. Wear fall-protective equipment if you will be accessing your rooftop. It’s important to use a flashlight with a high-intense beam to view all parts of the roofing system in the attic. When you do this, you can familiarize yourself with the aspects of your roofing system. Looking for defects and deterioration once or twice a year will enable you to stop the progression of any problems or find a solution to them. For more information, please visit the website of All States Exteriors. A Roofer in Wichita KS from this company can handle commercial and residential roofing services.

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