How Does the Laboratory Fume Hood Work?

How Does the Laboratory Fume Hood Work?

Laboratory fume hoods are uniquely designed to offer you protection from volatile or toxic chemicals by continuously pumping the air away from the user and into the work area. Then the air is filtered or treated by the exhaust system in the facility. Once treated, the air exits into the atmosphere.

Why Is a Fume Hood Needed?

Using laboratory fume hoods will help to reduce the possibility of exposing yourself or others to hazardous contaminant concentrations. It is important to note, a fume hood does not offer any level of protection to the environment or product.

Any volatile or toxic chemical should be used inside of laboratory fume hoods. This will lower the possibility of inhalation exposure. Most fume hoods are specifically designed to provide protection from any radiological hazard.

Considerations Regarding the Design of the Fume Hood

The air “roll” that forms in the fume hood right behind the sash serves as a contaminant reservoir. The air recirculates at that location instead of exiting right away. As a result, the contaminant amounts are higher in the “roll” than other points inside the hood.

This is somewhat concerning because this air roll is very close to the breathing zone in the hood. By reducing this concentration, it can significantly reduce the hazardous possibility of leakage.

Fume Hood Benefits

The fact is, fume hoods are designed to provide an additional layer of protection for scientists or others who may be using toxic or volatile chemicals. The fume hood used, the design and capabilities matter. Make sure to keep this in mind when searching for this piece of equipment.

Don’t Forget the Mounting Surface

Perhaps just as important as the fume hood itself, it’s essential to carefully consider the surface on which laboratory fume hoods will sit. One of your best options for your lab is either epoxy resin or trespa surfaces. These surfaces offer the durability needed to stand up against chemicals and the resulting fumes from lab surfaces.

To learn more about laboratory fume hoods, contact AGR Fabricators by calling 904-733-9393.

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