Keeping Your Dog Healthy Means Using Human Quality Dog Food

The preservatives and artificial additives that are included in commercial dog food make it dangerous to feed your pet. If you want your dog to stay healthy and happy, you must use a natural, human quality dog food. You should not give your dog any food that includes by-products either, as they can make a dog get weak and sick. If you cannot imagine yourself eating something like offal, you should not give it to your canine friend.

What You Should Look for in a Quality Food

Here are the criteria you need to use in order to make the best use of your pet’s nutritional needs. The food should be:

  • Free of artificial ingredients and preservatives
  • Free of by-products
  • Free of any added salt and sugar
  • Free of fillers, such as wheat, soy or corn

Other Things to Assess

You don’t want corn in your dog’s food, as it can irritate the digestive tract. The same holds true for soy and wheat. Dog food that is fresh has been shown to assist in lessening stomach discomfort. The food should permit total management of protein quantity and quality. It should also be made to alleviate allergies and help your dog maintain a healthy weight. Any supplementation should come in the form of essential nutrients.

Finding a human quality dog food will assist you in keeping your dog healthy for years. Many dog foods that are sold commercially contain ingredients that are not added with your pet’s health in mind. Instead, certain preservatives or chemicals are used to extend the shelf life of the food. Therefore, you need to determine if the ingredients included in your dog’s meals are actually good for its health.

When you take an all-natural approach to your pet’s diet, you will improve your pet’s quality of life and the length of the time your dog can spend with you. Don’t settle for anything but a natural and holistic dietary regimen.

Looking for a human quality dog food? Happy dog food makes foods from natural, healthy whole grain foods that make a positive difference to canine health and wellbeing.

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