Keeping Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ Outside Of The Home

Keeping Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ Outside Of The Home

If Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ are noticed inside of a house, steps will need to be taken to have them removed completely. Many people will call a pest control service to handle the removal of ants. Afterward, routine steps can be taken to ensure ants do not return in the future. Here are some tips a homeowner can use to keep carpenter ants from becoming a recurring problem.

Keep The Interior As Clean As Possible

Carpenter ants will frequent locations where they are able to get a meal without difficulty. A dirty home often comes with a supply of crumbs to choose from. Taking the time to vacuum up crumbs regularly as well as wiping down surfaces where food was prepared will aid in keeping ants away. Using a cleaning agent with a bleach base is also helpful as it will mask the odor of food remnants, making it harder for ants to find something to eat.

Remove Moisture Problems From The Home

Ants tend to stick around areas where moisture is present. Taking care of plumbing troubles inside of the home will help in keeping wood dry, making it less likely carpenter ants will seek these areas for nesting. Removing water supplies outdoors will also keep ants from staying in the area. Cut back tree limbs so water does not saturate the exterior of the home as well.

Seal Up Areas Where Ants Can Get Inside

Cracks around windows and doors can be used as entryways to the interior of the home. Using an appropriate caulk to fill in gaps will help to keep ants outdoors. Damage to siding panels should be fixed promptly to keep pests on the exterior of the home. It is important that the homeowner checks that there are no gaps around shingles on the roof too.

When there is a need to remove Carpenter Ants Jackson NJ From a home, calling a pest control service with plenty of experience with these intruders is best. Browse Site now to find out more about the many services available or to make an appointment for an evaluation of the home.

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