How to Keep Your Engine Cool

How to Keep Your Engine Cool

Maintaing a healthy car engine is important to the overall health of your car. Avoiding overheating is simple with overall upkeep of the engine and its related parts. Keeping your engine cool prohibits damage being done on the engine itself. Here are some ways to combat an overheated engine.

Coolant Air Bleeders

Coolant air bleeders for your vehicle are meant to help stabilize and keep your engine cool. The coolant therefore becomes stabilized and lessens the engine from going to extreme temperatures. The coolant bleeder housing expands and contracts during changes of engine temperature and assists helping the engine not to overheat. Cracking and splitting can occur with these contractions, so it is necessary to maintain the upkeep of this part.


Maintaining the condition of the radiator and its components is important in the cooling of your car engine. Hot coolant flows through this car part where the temperature is then regulated to the correct level. Once the coolant is at ideal temperature, it is forced back into the engine. This coolant is what helps keep your engine block at a constant cool temperature. Over time, cracks and leaking spots develop. Upkeep on these parts are necessary and should be replaced at first sign of failure.

General Maintenance

Proper general maintenance helps to prevent an overheated engine. Getting regular oil changes can help avoid a lot of vehicular problems that occur over time. It flushes out the car system, maintaining vehicle stability. Also, periodically check that all parts are working and in good condition. Replace or repair any faulty components when necessary.

Have some working knowledge of your vehicle’s cooling system. If you are ever in a situation where the car does overheat, you will have an immediate idea on what course of action to take. This will lessen any additional damages done to your car.

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