Keep The Cost Of Windshield Replacement To The Minimum

Keep The Cost Of Windshield Replacement To The Minimum

With the amount of traffic and the poor condition of many roads it is not unusual for your windshield to be chipped or cracked by flying debris. Waiting to get the problem attended to can increase the cost, what might have been repairable, if left long enough the only option will be replacement. There are ways to ensure you get cheap auto glass in Chicago.

Perhaps the damage can be repaired:

It may come as a pleasant surprise that qualified technicians can actually repair chips and cracks under certain conditions. Don’t necessarily assume the only solution is replacement; the technicians may be able to repair it. If this is the case you will certainly save money.

Repair is not always possible; it depends on the size of the chip or the length of the crack as well as the location. The sooner you get to the auto glass shop the better your chances are that the damage can be repaired.

Go to a local auto glass repair shop:

It’s not that the dealer you bought your car from doesn’t do good work; the difference is in the cost. If you are looking for cheap auto glass in Chicago you will get it from a specialist shop. Part of the price differential might be the glass, the dealer will insist on installing an OEM windshield while the specialist can install aftermarket glass.

Don’t think than non-OEM glass is inferior, it is not. Both OEM and non-OEM meet the same standards as set by the DOT but there is a significant price difference.

Check your insurance:

Many car insurance policies include windshield damage cover. Although getting the problem attended to quickly is important, take a few minutes and contact your insurance agent. If your policy does cover repair or replacement you will certainly save an expense.

If you need to replace the windshield in your car then you will be looking for cheap auto glass in Chicago. For the best service at the best price you are invited to take your car to Frank’s Auto Glass.

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