Juzo Compression Sleeve for the Arms to Help Control Lymphedema

Juzo Compression Sleeve for the Arms to Help Control Lymphedema

The side effect that sometimes occurs in the aftermath of breast cancer treatment is a condition called lymphedema. The result of this condition is swelling in the arms. This is due to the fact that the lymphatic system is blocked causing fluid in the soft tissue to accumulate, which produces swelling. There is however, an effective treatment for this condition. Through the application of compression garments such as a Juzo compression sleeve, this type of painful swelling can be minimized. This garment applies gentle pressure on the swelled area, inhibiting the fluid from refilling the area and the subsequent swelling.

Post mastectomy patients who are experiencing edema or swelling in the arms are often prescribed a particular form of compression treatment to mitigate the symptoms. It’s important for compression garments to be fitted properly on the affected area. As well, this garment should be replaced at regular intervals. High compression or mild compression may be applied on the affected area. Some patients, however, are not amenable to high compression. As well, garments that apply high compression can be more difficult to apply and take off without assistance.

A Juzo compression sleeve provides you with a comfortable fit. A product in this line of compression sleeves, the Juzo DreamSleeve with Full Silicone Border, is available that is made of lightweight material and is easy to put on and remove. These sleeves are designed to be worn for extended periods of time in order to treat the condition effectively. Other Juzo compression products are also available with features designed to address lymphedema symptoms effectively.

Arm Sleeves
You may be a candidate to use compression sleeves for arms if you have had a lymphedema diagnosis or experienced swelling in the arms resulting from the removal of or damage to lymph nodes.

Compression sleeves consisting of flexible fabric sometimes cover not only the person’s arms but fit over the shoulder and down to the wrist. These sleeves come in various sizes and per your preference.

Ready to Use
Juzo compression sleeve products are designed for durability and extended use. They are a tool available for use in lymphedema management.

Always consult your doctor before applying a compression sleeve garment.

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