Items to Consider When Renting a Boom Lift

Working at a great height is inherently dangerous. One of the safest ways to address working at a height is through the use of a boom lift. This piece of equipment is ideal for situations such as trimming and taking down really tall trees as well as addressing issues on steep roofs. These are some of the things to consider when choosing a rental to help with construction projects.

The construction area is one item to consider with a Boom Lift Rental in Baltimore MD. Power lines, overhead tree limbs and other things can impede the movement of boom lifts. In this case, a smaller size of boom maybe necessary in order to have the ability to maneuver in the area. If possible, the height and clearance area of these items should be measured ahead of time.

The amount of people needed to do the job is another thing to consider with the boom lift. There is only so much space inside the lift’s bucket and many are designed for one man operations. For complicated jobs that require more than one person, the space can become an issue. It should be large enough to accommodate all of the safety gear and tools needed for the job.

The operation of the Boom Lift Rental in Baltimore MD is another item to consider. While the operation can be standard, the operator of the machine should be familiar with all of the controls and safe operation of the lift. Experience with the controls is essential for the safety of the individuals that are inside the bucket. It is necessary to practice with the rental machine before trying to operate it in tight spaces. While this will require extra rental time and extra fuel, it is a part of ensuring the safe operation of the machine.

The primary operation of a boom lift is to ensure that individuals can work safely when up in the air. Before renting one, consider the working area and overhead obstacles, the amount of people needed for the job and the operation of the machine. Contact Slaymaker Group for more information on renting a boom lift for your job.

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