Is Your Grand Piano Too Loud for Your Church Setting?

Finding the right balance between the sound level of your grand piano in Florida, its performance arena and other performers, including singers, is vital if the presentation is to be received effectively by the audience.

Using Microphones to Boost the Sound of Your Grand Piano

By asking your congregation, you will quickly find out if they believe the specific instruments or singers are out of balance with the remainder of the performance. This includes the contribution from the congregation at the same time.

By needing to sing too loudly to overcome the sound of your grand piano in Florida, your singer’s voices may suffer over the longer term.

When the amplification is too powerful or too low or non-existent, the overall balance of the performance becomes a disappointment.

There can become a competition between the individual performers and the congregation to boost their own volume to be heard above the others.

A grand piano in Florida may be sufficient without amplification in a smaller setting. Where a variety of musicians are involved, along with a choir and your congregation, there will almost certainly be a requirement for a sound system to balance the amplification to a satisfactory level.

Your type and style of church may dictate the different forms of performance which are required, and this will have a distinct correlation to the sound system and the volume of the musicians and singers.

There is a tendency in the modern era to boost the volume of every sound within the church setting. This does not always provide a positive result, and the presentation will suffer because of this overbearing volume.

The positioning of the musicians will also affect the sound quality and volume.

By taking expert advice from your leaders, your congregation and the experts where you have purchased your grand piano in Florida and any amplification, you will find a result which suits everyone’s requirements is easily achievable.

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