Is Double Glazing in Wrexham a Good Choice for Replacement Windows?

Windows are a portal to the outside world. They allow light to flood into the home and protect the property from harsh elements, like sun, wind and rain. No matter what types of windows are fitted on your property, regular maintenance is essential. Unless you take the time to clean surfaces and look for damage, there is a chance that heating bills may creep up due to draughts. Instead of repairing broken windows, think about getting replacement windows fitted and save money in the long run.

Save on Energy Bills

The amount of money you can save on your energy bills will entirely depend on the type of windows you get fitted and who fits them. Double glazing in Wrexham is designed with different ratings, and each rating offers a different level of energy saving. For example, windows that have a B rating will save the average homeowner over £160 on their annual utility bills.

Made with Seven Components

A lot of people who get double glazing in Wrexham fitted on their property will be unsure about the way in which it is crafted. These windows are constructed with several components:

1. Spacer Bar – This frame creates a cavity by spacing the glass panels apart.
2. Desiccant – Usually, a material similar to silicon will be used to absorb moisture, thus preventing condensation.
3. Air Barrier – The main barrier stops moisture from making its way into the property, and reduces the chances of mould growth.
4. Glass – The glass of choice for double glazing is self-cleaning, tough and UV-resistant.
5. Secondary Seal – What makes double glazing different is the fact that it is fitted with a secondary seal, which keeps everything in place.
6. Cavity – A cavity will make a hermetically-sealed environment, which adds to the insulation properties of double glazed windows.
7. Gas-Filled Cavity – Four types of gas will normally be used to fill the cavity – krypton, argon, xenon or dehydrated air.

The Four Faces of Double Glazing

If specialist types of glass are being used for the construction of double glazed windows, it must be positioned in a certain way. The outer pane is the first face, and the outer pane cavity side is the second face. The third and fourth faces are the cavity side’s inner pane and room side’s inner pane. Double glazing is draught-proof and acts as an alternative to cavity wall insulation and loft insulation.

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