Installment Payment Plans Allows Aspiring Drivers to Finish the CDL Permit Test Sooner

CDL drivers need to follow strict rules and guidelines to keep their license. These rules need to be strict for obvious reasons, and those that abide by them face a healthy and prosperous future in an industry that will always be in demand. It is similar to nursing credentials. Once they are earned, a nurse can get a job anywhere in the country. They must follow the rules, but they are protected by the backing of their accredited license.

Students can use deferred payment plans and grants for college. Should it not work the same way with a CDL Permit Test? Thankfully, the CDL Permit Test does not have to be paid for in one lump sum. Star Truck Driving currently accepts three deferred methods of payment.

Credit Card: This option is self-explanatory. With a consumer credit card, clients can purchase their coursework and training. VISA, Mastercard, and Discover are all available. Typical finance charges do apply, which is why there is a direct installment feature available (detailed below).
State Grants: State grants are not always readily available, and once they the year’s allotment is used, they are gone until replenished in January and February. Regardless, the program can be paid for by interested drivers that fit the criteria. They need to match state or federal grant standards. They also need to fit in the Preferred Placement Program, which typically reviews income, background, and test scores.

Installment Program: The program can be paid for in a more direct means. Payments are made to the program directly. There are no middlemen involved, which means that no finance charges are added. It is an option offered directly by the test company, and it removes the fat and the excess of making payments in installments.

There is a reason thousands of Americans are pursuing their commercial driver’s license. It is safe and practical, and the test and financing available is equally so. Millions of Americans also know how precarious the job market is now. This is why Star Truck Driving School is offering a number of financing plans to accommodate those that cannot afford the whole program up front.

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