Why Install an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks

It’s usually fairly obvious when a water heater is nearing the end of its expected lifespan. Strange noises, leaks, and insufficient hot water for showers, dishes, and other household needs are all pretty easy to recognize signs. When the time comes to replace the unit, homeowners often just go with something similar to their old model. When the old model is an inefficient gas heater, though, there’s good reason to consider alternatives. Many homeowners are switching over to an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks. Here’s why.

Space Requirements

While gas heaters require large amounts of ventilation around the sides and over the top, electric heaters can be installed just about anywhere. They come in a variety of sizes, so there’s no need to purchase and install a heater that surpasses the household’s hot water needs. Some electric heaters are so small they can even fit under the sink, and since there are no gas lines, there is no risk of gas buildup in the family’s living space.

Increased Safety

The risk of gas leaks and even explosions is always a possibility with gas appliances. Electric water heaters don’t use pilot lights and don’t require gas lines, making them both safer and more convenient. There’s no need for relighting pilot flames, and no need for gas lines leading out of the building.

Longer Lifespan

Electric heater units have fewer parts, and those that they do have are subjected to less direct heat. The result is that they can last for far longer than gas water heaters, with an average life expectancy of three years more than their gas-powered counterparts.

Increased Choices and Versatility

Electric water heaters function very efficiently, and some models can even produce hot water as needed. Tank-less electric heaters work by using a heat exchanger to create hot water instantly, so the proverbial tank never runs dry. These models are a little bit more expensive than more traditional water heaters with storage tanks, but they can save money on energy bills over time.

The bottom line is that gas heaters are on their way out, while electric heaters are growing in popularity every year. Homeowners interested in installing an electric hot water heater in Sparks can find information about local installation technicians online. Visit Website to get a free quote.

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