Inspecting a Fire Extinguisher in Mason City IA

Everyone knows that it’s important to have enough fire extinguishers in a home or business. However, without proper maintenance, these units might not offer sufficient protection. Additionally, failure to perform regular maintenance can lead to a costly code violation. Below is some information on basic maintenance of a Fire Extinguisher in Mason City IA.

Monthly Inspection

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), fire extinguishers should be inspected once per month. The inspection should answer the following questions, among others:

  *   Are units properly located?

  *   Are they accessible and in clear view?

  *   Are the units clean and in good condition?

  *   Have the inspection tags been signed properly?

A professional inspector with website will inspect each unit thoroughly, which involves weighing it, evaluating the pressure gauge, installing new tamper seals, checking CO2 hoses, completing a fire safety report and educating the customer about the work that was completed.

Yearly Maintenance

The NFPA’s rules also require yearly maintenance on all portable fire extinguishers. This is only a basic requirement, and if a monthly inspection reveals problems, the units may need frequent maintenance. An annual evaluation is done to:

  *   Detect signs of corrosion and physical damage

  *   Determine whether the fire extinguishers nozzle is blocked

  *   Ensure that the usage instructions are legible

  *   See whether the HMIS is still present

  *   Resolve any readily apparent or visible issues

The yearly inspection concludes with the installation of new tamper seals on all fire extinguishers, and the inspector will sign off on the job to document that it’s been done correctly.

Facility Managers Should Partner With an Experienced Company

If all of the above tests and procedures are completed with a satisfactory result, the company is compliant with all regulations and fire codes concerning the maintenance of a Fire Extinguisher in Mason City IA. Building owners should consider that certain extinguisher types have specialized maintenance procedures. That’s why it is important to work with a certified provider of fire extinguisher maintenance and repair. When the building owner hires a professional, they will have the reassurance of knowing that all extinguishers are working properly and that they’ll be available should the need arise.

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