Innovate the Kitchen With These 3 Upholstery in Greenwich Trends

While most homeowners want to use classic examples of upholstery to make for a classic look, there are some innovators pushing the options. Below are three clever ways to design a kitchen using fresh new market upholstery ideas.

3D Textures

3D is a huge trend in the movie theatre and it seems to be the same in the home kitchen. Upholstery in Greenwich is rarely highly textured, and most people enjoy the clean and flat design it offers. But, a select few are finding some fantastic styles in textured 3D prints. A common style is a brick, where the design looks as if it is real brick plastered along the kitchen face and around the backsplash. There are some really majestic and enthralling concepts that can come from 3D textures. Most of the designs are tight patterns, often rectangular shaped or grid-like.

As said above, wood paneling for flooring is a huge contemporary trend. It can hardly be called a trend at all considering its massive popularity and use in modern kitchens. What is, in fact, a trend is the use of laminate flooring type of designs on the walls.

The Upholstery in Greenwich can actually appear like laminate wood flooring, but be anything but. The design will be one single continuous sheet cut and fitted to the wall. It will look like many smaller panels were used on the surface. It is similar to 3D textures in that it is a visual trick that is attractive and inspiring.

Looks Like Kitchen Floor Tiles

Ceramic tiles are staples for kitchen floors. It is considered a very classic design choice and people have moved away from them in favor of hardwood floors and other types. Interestingly, ceramic tiles seem to have made their way onto the walls. Bright ceramic tiles seem to glow when they are hit with light, and they illuminate a kitchen. The idea may seem like the kitchen has been spun on its side and tossed back in time to 1985. But, the result is a spectacular display of innovative design and unique thinking.

Visit the official website of Dominics Decorating at . The website showcases some innovative trends in wall design, as well as some more traditional decorative options. Push the envelope or stay safe and cozy. These are the options for breathtaking upholstery.

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