In What Situations Is Tree Felling Advisable?

Sometimes Tree Felling is a necessary service that should no longer be delayed. Even when a property owner feels an emotional attachment to a tree, not every tree stays in a healthy condition forever. Some become damaged by storms, disease or bugs. Others grow in a way that makes them a potential safety issue. What are some situations that typically require cutting down a tree?

A primary example is when a tree becomes a potential cause of power outages. Property owners generally shouldn’t hire commercial tree services for this work; the power company will make arrangements for the project. In some cases, removing large branches is enough, but sometimes the entire tree should come down. Another example is when a property has at least a few trees in one part of the yard, and one tree is blocking sun and ventilation of the others. If the homeowner is not particularly attached to that tree, removing it can enhance the growth and beauty of the rest.

An individual or couple may buy property in which one or more trees had previously been topped or had the main vertical branch and secondary branches cut down so far they couldn’t grow back. This is an old-fashioned practice that tree specialists now avoid doing because it’s harmful to the tree and aesthetically unattractive. The new owners may want to have technicians from a company such as Kuhn’s Tree Service remove these trees. New ones can replace them. Visit the website for more information on this organization.

Often, tree service technicians can keep a dying tree in place for the property owner for several years by cutting away dead and diseased branches and foliage as needed. Eventually, Tree Felling will probably become necessary. However, people who live in areas where zoning doesn’t demand removal of dead trees might consider leaving the tree there, at least for a while. Rural neighborhoods generally don’t regulate this type of situation. If the tree is not in danger of dropping large branches or falling down, and if it’s not an eyesore to the property owner or the neighbors, it can provide some value to birds. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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