The Importance Of A Landscaping Warranty

Landscaping is a very important aspect of the curb appeal and overall aesthetics of any commercial property. Investing in quality landscaping services and contracting with a top landscaping company is the most effective way to maintain the property and ensure it is always in top shape.
Some companies may offer a landscape warranty. This may include language that talks about the warranty or the guarantee that the perennial plants, trees, shrubs and sod that are planted on the property will thrive for a period of time after the initial installation.

In contracts, the landscape warranty will have very specific terminology and should clearly identify what types of issues are covered by the warranty. With live plants, many different issues can cause problems, and the specific language is important both for the property manager as well as for the landscaping service.

Choosing Plants

Landscapers will make specific recommendations as to the plants, trees and shrubs that are best suited for the soil, moisture and weather conditions. Typically, if the property owners or managers choose plants from outside of these recommended species, the landscape warranty will no longer be in effect.

Always choose plants from the recommended species lists provided by the landscaper. This avoids the common issues of these exotic plants simply not lasting in a given location.

Incorrect Maintenance

The top landscaping companies will include language that accepts responsibility for damage to plants that is a direct result of the initial planting and the ongoing maintenance services provided by the landscaper. In other words, if the plant death is directly related to a mistake by the landscaper, the plants are replaced at no cost.

It is important to make sure that a clear description of any implied or stated warranty for landscaping is included in the final contract. Ask questions and get clarification if there are any questions about what is or is not covered.

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