The Importance of Hiring Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI for Asphalt Maintenance

The Importance of Hiring Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI for Asphalt Maintenance

When residential or commercial property owners hire Exterior Contractors in Sun Prairie WI to pave a driveway with asphalt, they can expect to see the workers using a spreading machine to pour hot-mix blacktop. The best contractors do not skimp on materials. A graded base made with stone supports the pavement. After compaction, the blacktop should be at least 2 inches thick. Otherwise the driveway will be more prone to deterioration.

Aesthetics of the Driveway

Residential property owners typically are concerned about the aesthetics of their driveway, as it conveys an impression about how well they care for their entire home. Commercial clients of exterior contractors in Sun Prairie WI have a related concern, which is that potential customers may be wary of patronizing a business that does not show much care for the property’s outside features. Another concern for these clients is the possibility of pedestrian injury when someone tries to walk on pavement that has potholes and large cracks.

A First Impression

For commercial properties, both the exterior of the building itself and the grounds around it create a quick first impression among visitors who haven’t been there before. Individuals who want to eat at a fine restaurant may be skeptical about the quality of the food and service if the pavement is in rough shape. They may drive by and go on to the next place.

Parking Lots Take a Beating

Residential and even commercial driveways do not take the beating that parking lots do. Spaces closest to the building get the most wear and tear except for areas where deliveries are made by heavy trucks. In some cases, a business owner keeps the customer and employee lots in great shape but doesn’t bother with the back where deliveries take place. That’s not a wise idea either.

Having a company such as Tri-County Paving Inc. maintain the back lot is important because heavy truck traffic can eventually cause complete deterioration, with large gaping holes where dirt and gravel shows through. Any customers who do drive back there for any reason will be startled at the sight and wonder why the owner doesn’t address the problem.

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