If You Have Mold then You Need the Services of Mold Remediation in CT

While mold is a natural aspect of the environment, it can be unsightly, and in some cases, when located indoors may be life threatening. Those at greatest risk to suffering adverse effects from living in the presence of mold are individuals with compromised immune systems, asthma suffers, COPD, emphysema, or allergies. Commonly occurring molds include Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium and Stachybotrys Chartarum, the infamous “black” mold. If mold is suspected you may need Mold remediation in CT.If the home’s occupants or employees in the workplace are experiencing allergic symptoms, the presence of mold in the HVAC system should be considered. Individuals experiencing allergic symptoms to mold or mildew may exhibit reactions such as coughing, wheezing, shortness or difficulty breathing, skin rashes or irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Occasionally individuals will experience nausea or vomiting. Unexplained tiredness and recurring headaches have also been reported.Generally speaking the longer the duration of the exposure of those experiencing sensitivity, the more exaggerated their symptoms may become. Upon suspicion of a mold infestation, the first step to take is to have a mold inspection performed by a qualified Mold remediation in CT firm. A professional mold remediation firm like AA Asbestos Abatement LLC will conduct a visual inspection for mold or mildew, test any samples found and also perform a comprehensive air quality test. If mold is determined to be present, a professional remediation firm can eliminate it for you, and to help to ensure it does not return.

Small patches of mold can be removed by spraying the mold with a bleach solution made up of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, followed by a thorough scrubbing. Larger or widely distributed patches of mold need the help of a professional, particularly when the mold has invaded the HVAC system. Once the mold has been removed, it can be dissuaded from returning by installing fans and dehumidifiers that keep the air dry and circulating in those areas where mold and mildew are likely to form.Mold remediation in CT professionals have tools in their arsenal not available to the homeowner. One of those being dry ice cleaning. Dry ice cleaning is similar to using a power-washer, only it shoots pellets of dry ice at the mold, instead of water. Dry ice is capable of penetrating tiny cracks and crevices where mold likes to hide. A remediation firm will suggest ways to prevent and control mold growth.

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