How to Identify and Resolve Drainage Problems in Your Commercial Landscaping

How to Identify and Resolve Drainage Problems in Your Commercial Landscaping

Nothing is more important to the success of a landscape than the ability to access appropriate amounts of water. Without regular rainfall, many regions suffer from long periods of dry, brown grass or no foliage at all. If that isn’t what you want for your business property, it’s important to identify and amend any drainage problems in your commercial landscape, and ensure your irrigation and water supply function properly.

Finding the Problem

The first step that any landscaping company should make in addressing an issue is finding the root cause. Once the origin of the problem is clear, steps can be taken to fix it. Finding the fault in irrigation and drainage systems is especially important, since the life of your lawn foliage rests in the hands of its caregivers and the technology that provides the necessary water. Additionally, leaks can cause overuse of water and drive up utility expenses for business owners or residents.

In addition to ensuring that all systems are functioning properly and at regular, scheduled intervals to maintain hydration of plants, qualified landscaping professionals will also conduct wet checks – examinations of the water levels of a given parameter – to survey the amount of water being received and used in each area of the property. This assures that no space is being over or under watered, and allows adjustments to be made if drainage is not occurring as it should.

Creating a Solution

Once an issue is identified, a repair or replacement must be made quickly. This may call for a piping fix to amend leaks, or the replacement of faulty sprinkler system components. Sometimes alterations must be made to the landscaping itself, and therefore it is important to consult a professional for these adjustments. Once they have surveyed the area and made their decision on the best course of action, they can make necessary upgrades or amendments in order to get your property back up to its potential picture-perfect beauty.

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